For University Applicants

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The modern electronics is developing at a rapid pace. There are changes in element base, development of new design technologies and electronic devices with the use of the powerful computing engineering and special software. The world’s largest producers of electronic components in competitive activity inculcate the newest achievements of the world SciTech in the development and manufacturing of the electronic components process. The serious tendency of transition of electronic engineering into the area of digital electronics was set. It is difficult to find an industry of electronic technology application in which digital electronics did not oust analog electronic technical equipment. On the one part, the graduates of the Faculty of Electronics must provide skilled maintenance of the modern electronic technologies, and on the other part, they must have sufficient qualification, theoretical preparation, practical skills in handling of modern technologies and element base for creation of competitive electronic equipment.

Preparation of the skilled specialists in the area of electronics, electrical engineering, and also in those areas which are related to computerization isn’t possible without the real active scientific and technical activity of the specialists of our faculty.

It is necessary to have knowledge and experience, in order to understand creative accents and keen transformations of electronics, and it is our faculty, that can give them to you.

Welcome to our faculty! Electronics is our future!

he Faculty of Electronics conducts admission of foreign students in three specialties:

  • Specialty 171 Electronics,
  • Specialty 172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering,
  • Specialty 176 Micro- and nanosystem technology.