Faculty Today

Nowadays Electronics Faculty consists of 5 departments and 3 interdepartmental laboratories. Among them are Microelectronics Department (Yakymenko Yuriy Ivanovych, professor, head of department), Electronic Devices and Equipments Department (Zhuikov Valeriy Yakovych, professor, head of department), Electronic Engineering Department (Tymofeev Volodymyr Ivanovych, professor, head of department), Modeling and Production of Computer Equipment Department (Lysenko Oleksandr Mykolayovych, associate professor, head of department), Acoustics and Acoustic Electronics Department (Didkovskyi Vitaliy Semenovych, professor, head of department), Sound Technique and Registration of Information Department (Vlasyuk Ganna Grigorivna, professor, head of department).

On the basis of faculty acting research institutes: Applied Electronics Institute (Yakymenko Yu. I., director, professor).

Nowadays about 2000  students study at Electronics Faculty, more than 100 of them are foreigners. The teaching staff consists of 153 people, among them are 3 academicians of National Academy of Sciences, 25 professors and 61 associate professors. Most lecturers achieved high awards and prizes. There are 7 Honored Science Workers, 5 Ukrainian Honored Inventors, 3 Honored Education Workers and 12 State Prize Laureates. The faculty provides training bachelors in 5 directions: micro- and nanoelectronics, electronic equipments and system, acoustic technique, radioelectronic apparatus, telecommunication as well as specialists and masters in such specialities as “Micro- and nanoelectronics Devices and Equipments”, “Physical and Biomedical Electronics”, “Electronic Equipments and systems”, “Electronic Systems”, “Medical, Acoustic and Biomedical Devices and Equipments”, “Acoustic Tools and Systems”, “Video-, Audio and Cinema-Techniques”, “Radio electronic devices and tools”, “Telecommunication Systems and Networks”.

The specialized Scientific Council functions at the faculty. It gives a doctor’s degree (candidate) in engineering sciences in such specializations as: “Solid-State Electronics”, “Semiconductor power converters”, “Applied Acoustics and Sound technics”,  “Vacuum, Plasma and Quantum Electronics”. Scientific and technical collected articles “Electronics and Communication” are published at the faculty. These collected articles have a high status of specialized edition of Ukrainian Highest Certifying Commission.