International recognition

College of Electronics has long history of international collaboration and is well-known in the world. Many professors and students are members of international organizations: CODATA (V. Tymofeev), IEEE (V. Zhuikov, V. Tymofeev, Yu. Poplavko, Yu. Prokopenko, O. Vytaz, V. Kazmirenko, I. Golubeva, B. Pratsiuk). Professor Oleksandr Kovalenko is the Expert of the EU project “Improvement of the secondary medical care in Ukraine”. Professor V. Pilinskyi is a member of International scientific network of electromagnetic compatibility – NET from NTUU “KPI”, and also a member of International council on electromagnetic compatibility. Professor V. Abakumov is a member of organizing committee of International scientific conference “Sibresours” (Russia). Professor B. Tsiganok is the director of the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of NTUU “KPI”. He is a participant of the ISSE international conference program committee.
College of Electronics organizes three International Conferences: “Electronics”, “Electronics and Nanotechnology”, “Problems of present-day electrotechnics”.

At the department Electronic Digital Equipment Construction (head of department Professor O. Lysenko) two International Education and Research Centers are established: Ukrainian Official Educational Center of ALTERA Product Design Co. (USA), and Texas Instruments Co. (USA) educational center (

College of Electronics participates in  Double MSc degree diploma
MSc in Microelectronics with Electronics Packaging Lab (IAVT), Dresden Technical University. (

Student Exchange and Research Collaboration Agreements are signed with:
Royal University of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden)
Korea Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)
Ecole Centrale d’Electronique, Paris (France)
College of Engineering, Korea University (South Korea)
College of Electronics, Yonsei University (South Korea)
University of Naples “Parthenope” (Italy)

Four professors and PhD students of Electronic Engineering Department are involved in research and scientific exchange program with TESCOM Co. (South Korea).