History of the Faculty

The faculty was founded in October 1962  as a part of Dielectric and Semiconductor Department, Electronic and Ionic Devices Department, Industrial Electronics Department.

The faculty had a name Radio Electronics Faculty till 1973, it was called Electronic Technics Faculty in 1973-1996, it has a name Electronics Faculty since 1996.

The first dean of the faculty was Vyshnevskyi Adolf Ivanovych,a famous scientist and teacher, professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, head of the chair of Electronic and Ionic Devices.

Two separate departments were formed on basis of Industrial Electronics Department: Industrial Electronics Department headed by professor Sigorskyi V. P., Energy Electronics Department under the direction of professor Rydenko V. S.

Names of the departments were changed in 1965. Department under the direction of professor Sigorskyi V. P. became Technical Electronics Department, department headed by professor Rydenko V. S. was renamed Industrial Electronics Department as it was at first.

Names of the departments were changed again in 1971. Technical Electronics Department was given a new name Industrial Electronics Department, professor Petrenko A. I. was appointed a head of the chair, department headed by professor Rudenko V. S. was called Energy Electronics Department.

Theoretical Electronics Department was founded in 1974  on prof. Sigorskyi’s initiative andactively supporting by the dean. Training engineers specializing in Modeling and Production ofComputer Equipment was begun on the department headed by prof. Petrenko A. I., in connection withit the department was named Automation and Modeling of Computer Equipment. The department headed by prof. Rudenko V. S. was called again Industrial Electronics Department according to the name of the speciality, which specialists for national economy were training during all the previous years (since 1962).

Training specialists in new prospective speciality “Automatic Designing Systems” was begun in 1985, the department got the same name. Training of the speciality “Modeling and Production ofComputer Equipment”   which was provided before in the department guided by Petrenko A. I., prof., Doctor of Technological Sciences, was given later to Electroacoustic Faculty, thereby the appropriate department was established, which was headed by Kalnibolotskyi Yu. M., professor, Doctor of Technological Sciences.

The first students’ intake according to the further degree education was carried out in 1991. The same year Theoretical Electronics Department became a core one and started training specialists in “Physical Electronics”. A new speciality “Biomedical Electronics” was established at the faculty, provided by Theoretical Electronics and Microelectronics Department. Bachelors of Electronics graduated in 1995  for the first time in Ukraine, the first Masters were awarded diplomas in such directions as: “Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices”, “Electronic Devices and Equipments”, “Industrial Electronics”, “Computer Technologies of Modeling”. The integration of three departments of the former Electroacoustic Faculty became a considerable event in the faculty life, afterwards it was named Electronics Faculty.