Department of Acoustics and acoustic electronics:


E-mail: kafedra


The head of the Department of acoustics and acoustic electronics: PhD, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Professor Vitali Didkovskyy , tel. 441-15-17, 204-82-94

The department was founded in 1936.

The Department of Acoustics and Electronic Acoustics offers a curriculum leading to a Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s Degree in “Acoustic Tools and Systems” and “Medical Acoustic and Bioacoustic Devices and Instruments”.


The educational directions of the first speciality are:

  • Acoustic equipment for studios and musical centres
  • Devices and systems for acoustic monitoring
  • Ultrasonic technology and techniques

The educational directions of the second speciality are:

  • Acoustic devices in surgery and therapy
  • Acoustic devices and diagnostic systems
  • Biosystems  Acoustics

The department’s staff conducts researches into the following directions:

  • researches on the music and language sound in a room, development of modern design methods for the sound amplifying systems in rooms with the help of computer modeling;
  • researches on the sound signals digital processing and its implementation in musical acoustics;
  • researches on the sound waves diffusion and diffraction through biotissues to improve medical diagnostic equipment;
  • development of the new medical ultrasonic, sonic, and infrasonic devices, and devices for the other implementation;
    theoretical researches in the field of diffusion and diffraction of resilient waves.

The department carries out researches and projects ordered by state and private institutions.