The Department of Acoustic Engineering and Information Registration

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Head of the Department: Ganna Grygorivna Vlasyuk, PhD, Professor, tel. 236-60-93

The department was founded in 1930.

The Department of Acoustic Engineering and Information Registration offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes: Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications (6.050903), and Acoustic Engineering (6.050803); Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Systems and Networks (8.092401), and Video, Audio and Cinema Equipment (8.091203).

Licensed admission: 120 persons.

Planned admission: 60 persons.

The department staff: 30 lecturers, including 7 professors, 7 associate professors, 3 State Award Laureates, 2 Lenin’s Young Communist League USSR Award Laureates.

The department carries researches on the issues of electromagnetic compatibility, images and signals processing, high density magnetic recording etc.  The department offers postgraduate studying in different specialties.

On the base of the scientific subdivisions of the department the research institute of audio and video equipment was created. The institute includes four scientific laboratories: defence facilities of audiodata in the technical systems, electromagnetic compatibility, ultrasonic facilities of the motion parameters measurement and display information and applied television tools.

The object of graduate's professional activity of the speciality the "Telecommunication systems and networks":

•          communications networks, switching  and data distributing  systems

•          multichannel telecommunication systems

•          systems and hardware of radio- and televisional broadcasting of electro-acoustics and linguistic informatics, multimedia technical equipment,

•          systems and data defence facilities in the telecommunication systems

•          systems of satellite and mobile communication

•          facilities of the metrology providing of the telecommunication systems  and networks


The object of graduate's professional activity of the speciality the "Video-, audio- and cinetechnics":

•          systems and hardware of audio- and  video- broadcasting creation

•          special systems of acquisition and registration of video- and audiodata

•          systems and hardware of audio- and videodata playback  for mass events, limited number of audience and individual needs

•          systems and hardware of registration and subsequent treatment of the scientific, technical and production information

•          defence  services of linguistic information leak and unauthorized access

•          systems of linguistic and video information compression

•          management of the operating and service maintenance of the audio and video apparatus.

The department is ready for the collaboration with organizations and private individuals on the personnel’s training and execution of the works and scientific researches to order.

Electronics and Nanotechnology

The International Scientific and Technical Conference "Electronics and Nanotechnology"


National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”:

The Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics;

The Department of Microelectronics. 

State University of Information and Communication Technologies (SUICT) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine; 

Kyivan  P. L. Shupic Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine ;

Head Department for Health and Medical Maintenance of Kyiv City State Administration; 

NSI of Microdevices of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine;

International Science and Educational Center of Information Technologies and Systems of the NASU; 

The Public Corporation “Ukrtelekom”.


Educational-Methodological Centre “MIT”

Scientific Production Association “Teleoptik”

“Yutas” Company

Scientific Production Company “Puls”

The infotainment of the journal “Medychna Tekhnika”

Application for participation in the conference ought to be sent to the following address:

03056, Ukraine, Kyiv -56

Politekhnichna Street, 16,

Training building 12 NTUU “KPI”, FEL, room 423

To academic secretary, the candidate of technical science Nataliya Georgiivna Ivanushkina, phone number (044)204-99-09;

To technical secretary Kateryna Olegivna Ivanko, phone number 097-332- 41- 44

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