Specialties and directions


Nowadays Electronics Faculty consists of 7 departments and 3 interdepartmental laboratories.

    1. Microelectronics Department (Yakymenko Yuriy Ivanovych, professor, head of department),
    2. Electronic Devices and Equipments Department (Zhuikov Valeriy Yakovych, professor, head of department),
    3. Electronic Engineering Department (Tymofeev Volodymyr Ivanovych, professor, head of department),
    4. Modeling and Production of Computer Equipment Department (Lysenko Oleksandr Mykolayovych, associate professor, head of department),
    5. Acoustics and Acoustic Electronics Department (Didkovskyi Vitaliy Semenovych, professor, head of department),
    6. Sound Technique and Registration of Information Department (Pilinskyi Volodymyr Ivanovych, professor, head of department).

      Three research institutes work on basis of the faculty. They are Applied Electronics Institute (Yakymenko Yu. I., director, professor), Audio and Video Techniques Institute (Abakumov V. G., director, professor), Information Resources Institute (Petrenko A. I., director, professor).


      Departments and license of admission and volume of orders for full-time education:

      Micro- and nanoelectronics

      Micro- and nanoelectronics Devices and Equipments

      Electronic Engineering

      Electronic Equipments and System

      Electronic Devices and Equipments

      Electronic System

      Acoustic technique

      Medicaland bioacoustic devices and apparatus


      Acoustic tools and systems

      Videos -, audio- and cinema technique

      Radioelectronic APPARATUS

      Radio electronic devices and tools


      Telecommunication systems and networks