Department of electronic devices and equipments




The Head of the Department: Honored Scientist of Ukraine, doctor of science, professor Pisarenko L.D., tel. 204-95-06


The department was founded in 1951.


The department is exercising training of bachelors of electronics, engineers and masters by specialty "Electronic devices and equipments”. After graduating the students obtain the academic degree of Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in four types of specializations:


  • information electronics;
  • laser and optoelectronics systems;
  • microwave devices, equipments and systems;
  • environmental and technological electronics.

The specialization of "Information Electronics”, “Laser and optoelectronic Systems”, “Microwave devices, equipments and system” are based on an in-depth study of information theory, microwave and quantum electronics, laser technology, fiber optics and integral optoelectronics, electron beam and plasma technology, the analysis, processing, transmission, receiving of displayed information in Microprocessor devices, computer aided design systems, industrial television. The specialization of "Environmental and Technological Electronics" provides in-depth study of: electronic monitoring of the environment, acoustics, laser and microwave remote sensing methods and means of human protecting from the fields of different physical nature, ecologically clean technologies, instruments of protection and improvement of the environment, air and water cleaning, modeling of ecological and technological systems and processes on the base of computer technology. Graduate of the department is familiar with modern computers and programming languages, develops and works with electronic devices and systems such as: fiber optic and space communications systems, radar equipments, television systems, robotic applications, medical and environmental-technological systems, which are using electron-beam, laser, microwave and nondestructive checking technology. The department provides fundamental research and applied investigations in developing of electronic equipments, computer-aided design of electronic devices, developing of energy transducers and information processing in the optical, infrared and microwave spectra range, developing of applied television systems, electronic welding and technological development of cathode-ray guns, photo-acoustic diagnostics, computer image processing, environmental and technological equipments to clean air and water, medical equipments. The Department has trained a number of leading experts in electronics: prominent scientists, business and institution leaders, deans of the departments and heads of the chairs, famous specialists in Ukraine and abroad as well. Among them are members of the NAS of Ukraine: Oleksenko P.E., Pylyankevych O.M.; enterprise directors: Baluk Z.S. (Ukraine), To Minh Tue (Vietnam) and others. The department is proud of its graduates who have worked and are working now in NTUU "KPI" on responsible positions: Deputy First Vice-Rector, Management Director, the Head of the Chair of Electronic Engineering Department, Ph.D., Professor Timofeev V.I.; Deputy Rector for Scientific Research, Head of the Chair of Applied Physics, Ph.D., Professor Voronov S.O.; Vice Rector, Head of International Relations, Professor, Tsiganko B.A.; the Dean of Acoustic Engineering faculty, the Head of the Chair of Sound Technique and Registration of Information, now he is a professor of this department, Ph.D., Abakumov V.G., the Dean of the Department of Electronic Equipments, then the Department of Electronics, now he is the Head of the Department of Electronic Devices and Equipments, Ph.D., Professor Pisarenko L.D.; Heads of the Chairs, Professors Denbnovetsky S.V., Zinkovskyi Y.F., Petrenko A.I., Sinekop Y.S.